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Take a Little Trip on The...

The Road Less Traveled

Fantasy and Magic

Good Predictions

​Family Traditions

***Enjoy the show***

These are a few of our favorite people and things. Over the years we've met some great people. We've done some great things but our journey has only just begun. Our new CD takes us to all kinds of places that we want to share with you. We want our fans to know that without them, the music wouldn't be inspired, so much. It's love that keeps us going. We hope we can give that back. We hope the music is a start.

***Gypsy Style***

  • IT'S COMPLICATED 11.12.144:16
  • LITTLE TOWN 11.12.143:48
  • WHEN I LOOK INTO YOUR EYES 11.12.143:37
  • HALLS OF CHANDRIAN 11.12.147:11
  • HAVE YOU EVER HAD A REASON 09.22.144:58